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E-Reputation Management

In this digital age, search engines are the gateway to the Internet for most web users, and the results they provide have become the equivalent of a first impression.

Monitoring and managing one’s online presence, or online perception, is an extremely strategic feat for enterprises, their managers, or high profile individuals. In today’s electronic world, it’s actually unavoidable and necessary.

A single unsatisfied customer, an unscrupulous competitor, a disgruntled employee, and the whole return on investment of a global marketing strategy is at risk. Why? Because the Internet allows anyone to publish any information they want, true or false, defamatory or not, in full sight for all to read.

Indeed, the Web knows no boundaries and it is very easy for a person with malicious intent to use the Internet’s free resources (Twitter, Facebook, Blogging Platforms, etc…) and its anonymous registrars to publish defamatory contents or simply dangerous information regarding a company or an individual.

In this context, going for the legal response by trying contact each of the false information hosts is often slow, costly and risky.

  • Slow because the defendant’s legal actions will always be a step behind it’s online attackers
  • Costly because mobilizing a law firm for these kind of problems represents a huge expense for a task that is difficult to understand by non-technical operators
  • Risky because there are no guarantees that the hosting companies will comply, mainly because of the globalization of the Internet and the absence of yet clear global laws, and sometimes just because they will invoke the right to free speech.

What Is The Answer?

The only logical and effective response is the technical mastery of search engines results when confronted with queries regarding the company or individual: anticipation coupled with the construction of a virtual fortress around the subject will make sure that search engine’s results will stay under control and always provide that positive first impression when looked up on the Web.

That is precisely what KRYPTON offers you: Using extremely advanced and proprietary SEO and SMO techniques, we make sure all the positive results concerning our clients are pulled up to the top of the search results, leaving negative results to subsequent pages.

  • 75% of Google users do not go beyond the first page of search results.

Contact us now to build your online fortress on search engines, in order to prepare, but also to anticipate and bring under control, any possibility of attack against you or your company.