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How It Works

Because Krypton’s Experts understand the inner workings of search engines and how they determine that a certain website is more pertinent than another, they are able to reverse engineer their algorithms and come up with the most proficient combinations that will roll out the best, fastest and more permanent results in any given case.

Natural referencing is articulated around 3 fundamental elements that we can visualize in the following pyramid:

Step 1: Architectural Work

Ideally, a website must be developed within the good practices of the W3C Standards.

Our Methodology

We analyze every thing that could the brakes on the website’s ability to be effectively crawled by search engines, as well as everything that could be generating “Dust” duplicate contents.

We analyze the architecture and evaluate how to improve the ratio of indexed pages / useful pages.

When it's not possible to do in another way, we use the “link rel canonical” meta : in the case of a bad architecture, this meta aims at limiting the damage caused, and to avoid additional website re-development cost.

Finally, we improve the internal linking structure.

Step 2: Content Work

This stage is to evaluate if the contents of a website are rich enough for any given user. For instance, Google checks regularly if website contents are rich or of poor quality.

Our Methodology

Reducing the “dust duplicate content” and using properly the “robot.txt” and the canonical meta, we are able to reduce the indexed pages to their ideal number, hence creating concentrated content that is naturally optimized for search engines.

We also evaluate the editorial content that is displayed to the users in order to enrich the pages.

Step 3: Popularity

This is the most important step as it consists on raising progressively the popularity of your website with the search engines.

Search engines consider that the more a website is linked to by other websites, blogs or/and social media, the more it is pertinent and is an authority figure on its particular thematic.

Our Methodology

After having imperatively treated the first two steps, we employ all the proprietary tools at our disposal and all our in-house developed methods (i.e. creating links to the client’s website from other websites, in order to show search engines the website’s growing popularity) to effectively and permanently push search engines to display an optimized positioning based on a set of pre-defined keywords.

Step 4: Follow-up & Maintenance

We regularly monitor the rankings and the overall traffic of your website(s) and we take the appropriate measures to ensure the sustainability of your business.