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KRYPTON's Experts are often guest speakers in IT Security conferences around the world. Watch some of these talks here.

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The IT industry is constantly changing and always challenging. KRYPTON Security places considerable effort in keeping up-to-date on a wide variety of IT Security issues, from methodologies, to the threat landscape, to global regulatory and legal requirements.

Although effectively sharing that wisdom and expertise with others is a complex proposition, KRYPTON is proud to offer expert-level training that is custom-tailored to meet specific organizational requirements.

Whether the need is for one-on-one training for high-level staff – or a business-wide training program, KRYPTON is ready to plan

Red Team / Blue Team Simulations

KRYPTON Security’s consultants come equipped with the right mixture of skill and methodology to conduct in-depth Red Team/Blue Team simulations.

These cyber-attack/defense scenarios pit the client's internal IT staff (‘Blue Team', or defenders) directly against KRYPTON's skilled consultants (‘Red Team', or attackers).

These war games, depending on the client's environment, may involve fairly elaborate constructions of isolated technical infrastructure. Training exercises of this nature are extremely valuable to ensure the client's IT personnel are ‘battle-tested' and ready to defend the organizational assets against attacks of a varied nature.