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Infrastructure Hardening

Existing business infrastructure may predate many of the threats faced in the current operating environment, and as such, may be ill-equipped to effectively mitigate those threats.

KRYPTON will work with our clients to implement a comprehensive review and initiate a program of IT Security enhancements to best secure the data and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of corporate communications.

KRYPTON will first perform, in cooperation with the client’s technical team, a detailed evaluation of the current infrastructure and identify weaknesses. Once the weak points have been identified, the goal is to work together to help plan and implement improvements that will dramatically increase the level of security and reduce the chances that organizational security will be compromised.

As with all KRYPTON assessments, this process will include a pragmatic report that details implementable solutions in a manner that is both useful to the organization’s technical department and clearly understandable to the management team.