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Process & Governance

IT Security Process And Governance

IT Security Governance has become a higher-level concern over recent years. Corporate scandals have impacted nearly every industry, resulting in increased demands for accountability and a complex regulatory environment.

KRYPTON can help address such IT Security Governance demands within the broader Corporate Governance structure.

KRYPTON is poised to work with our clients to implement a system of internal controls and policies to meet governance requirements. In addition to satisfying regulatory requirements and shareholder demands, integrating security strategy to the overall corporate governance will help develop a reputation for our clients as being worthy of public trust.

How It Works

KRYPTON Security will provide a neutral evaluation based on years of extensive regulatory experience to identify where resources are currently effectively utilized and where improvements are possible. By combining efficient security processes with the right tools, costs may be minimized, while IT Security effectiveness is optimized.

KRYPTON works with its clients to develop a logical and effective IT security structure with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Organizational structures that have developed “ad-hoc” tend to operate inefficiently, and increase risk to the organization as a whole by preventing readiness.

Through a careful and accurate assessment of the client's needs, existing staff, and current structure, KRYPTON can guide clients smoothly through beneficial changes. There is no need to make changes for the sake of change alone, and through meaningful evaluation, KRYPTON will provide only the necessary recommendations to effect visibly positive results.

The end-result includes a pragmatic report that details implementable solutions in a manner that is both useful to the organization’s technical department and clearly understandable to the management team. These comprehensive security measures will serve the organization well as part of an overall layered defense strategy and provide real peace of mind with regard to the status of the organization within the context of applicable regulatory requirements and standards.