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Compliance & Certification

In the current global economy, a business must often be aware of, and comply with, a variety of regulations established in multiple jurisdictions around the world. The price for failing to tread a safe path in this regulatory minefield can be high from a business perspective, and could involve financial losses and the imposition of stiff penalties for non-compliance.

The price for failing to recognize this new reality can be high, from both an organizational perspective and for individual members of a business.  There are various examples of business leaders and individuals that have faced legal repercussions in countries they never visited.  Also severe penalties may be imposed on corporations for violating laws they were not necessarily aware of.

KRYPTON can help clients safely navigate through the regulatory minefield with comprehensive Audit, Certification, and Compliance Services.

Savvy organizations understand that a strong Information Security Policy can provide a strong competitive advantage in addressing these regulatory requirements.  Going beyond the minimum standards and focusing on a broader security program means organizations can respond to and alleviate potential data security breaches and cyber security threats prior to a costly incident while serving their customers more securely and efficiently.

How It Works

KRYPTON will collaborate with the client’s security and technical staff to perform the appropriate assessments and gap analysis, develop a gap-closure plan, implement the correct requirements and solutions, and continually monitor the compliance status on a regular, agreed-upon basis.

These comprehensive security measures will serve the organization well as part of an overall layered defense strategy and provide real peace of mind with regard to the status of the organization within the context of applicable regulatory requirements and standards.