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Networks, Systems & Telephony Services

As the number of entities seeking to consolidate their communications increases, it becomes ever more vital to recognize the massive potential risks to these essential business assets and take the rapid, decisive actions necessary to mitigate these risks prior to the occurrence of a potentially costly data breach.

Network-based devices are major targets for attack. Each of the devices responsible for passing business traffic is a potential vector, to include such common and essential devices as routers, switches, and servers.

It only takes one incorrectly configured and well-positioned device, such as a perimeter firewall, wireless access point or a DNS server, to allow an attacker to breach the entire network and provide unauthorized, unfettered access.

Additionally, the new generations of telephony systems are often overlooked during audits undertaken to assess the state of internal corporate security.

This is an unfortunate oversight, as many of these systems are delivered with the majority of functions enabled by default (A system’s features should only be enabled as required, and secured prior to use), and are often running common services and software that carry vulnerabilities similar to those present in other types of more common systems – Sometimes even more so, as security patch levels may not be as frequently maintained by site administrators as those of other systems.

Another common oversight is related to technology upgrades. For example, as more and more organizations switch from traditional PBX systems to Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, these systems will generate a variety of increased risks, including the potential unauthorized internal or external monitoring of confidential phone calls, theft of service, and Denial Of Service (DoS) attacks, resulting in costly downtime.

How It Works

KRYPTON Security’s consultants will undertake a comprehensive technical and procedural survey of the organization’s servers, network devices, and telephony systems, and will assess the current security posture accurately and meticulously.

Based on the results, KRYPTON will offer detailed recommendations and options to effectively address any identified weaknesses and lower the risk to acceptable levels.

KRYPTON will work in conjunction with the client’s security and IT teams throughout the surveying and assessment process.

The end-result always includes a pragmatic report that details implementable solutions in a manner that is both useful to the organization’s technical department and clearly understandable to the management team.