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KRYPTON's Experts are often guest speakers in IT Security conferences around the world. Watch some of these talks here.

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Krypton’s Approach

At KRYPTON, we look at our client’s security issues from a holistic viewpoint.  In other words, we seek to find root causes and to eliminate them, rather than just treating the symptoms.

The first step in our “Defense Through Discovery” approach, or DTD, is to assess where things stand.  Therefore, a full assessment of the current environment and issues associated with it is a necessary step.  This can be done in a collaborative manner with the clients’ teams on in a more aggressive manner as a simulated, but real, attack.

From there, the question becomes one of building a roadmap and/or an action plan to remedy the vulnerabilities and the shortcomings.

Finally, it is important to maintain and ongoing vigilance, since we are dealing with an ever-changing environment that requires constant attention.  KRYPTON provides such services to its clients via an ongoing maintenance or protection offering – KOP.